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Kooperativa Silva Nortica Ultramarathon

Length: 90/103 km. Start: 3.6. 2017 at 5:30 am at Hlavní náměstí (Main Square), Horní Stropnice. Finish: Horní Stropnice Sport Centre. Time limit: 14.5 hours

Registration of Competitors

Friday, 2.6. 2017, 5 pm - 10 pm in the Competition Centre in Horní Stropnice Sport Centre.

Starter Bag

The starter bags can be collected at the Competition Centre in Horní Stropnice Sport Centre.
The starter bag contains the runner`s bib, the number for the luggage with the second set of clothes, sponsors` freebees and a sponge for the supply water.

Competition Centre

Horní Stropnice Sport Centre building.
The following facilities are located on the premises of the Competition Centre:
- Changing rooms
- Toilets
- Showers
- Starter bag desk
- Luggage desk for handing in and out of runners` luggage
- Massage service after finish
- Snacks in the finish area
- Food stalls
All facilities will be clearly signed.


After the end of all competitions, we invite all runners and their support team to an afterparty with disco.
The programme includes music and buffet.
The afterparty requires registration. The registration for the afterparty can be made during the registration for the competition. Cost: 120 CZK/person.
The entrance fee for the buffet has to be paid together with the race entry fee. Runners will receive their tickets for the seminar in an envelope during registration.

Price Giving Ceremony

The price giving ceremony for all competitions and the tombola amongst all runners` bibs will start at about 5:30 pm in the start and finish area.
The main sponsors are Vavrys. The tombola is worth a total of 3,000.00 Euro.
Prizes not collected during the tombola go back to the main organiser and will be divided amongst the associations involved in the organisation of the event.

Start Organisation and Transport

Time and Place of the Start: 5:30 am Hlavní náměstí (Main Square), Horní Stropnice
The luggage with a second set of clothes can be handed in in the start area; there are food stalls and toilets in the start area.

Route Characteristics

Asphalt roads, forest asphalt routes, paved country lanes and forest paths, un-paved forest paths
Quite demanding elevation profile.

Refreshment Points

Refreshment points will be provided at about every 5 km. Apart from drinks, fruits, salt, sugar and food will be provided.


Time limit: 14.5 hours
Time limit at the checkpoints:
42.2 km – Huťský rybník: 6 hours
77.3 km - Rozcestí 90/103 12 hours
A runner who exceeds the time limit at the checkpoints will be excluded from the competition. The runner has to return his or her runner`s bib. Transportation to the finish area will be provided.

Finish Organisation and Prizes

The first three runners of each race in the men`s and women`s categories will receive regional pottery as prizes.

Entry Fees


1200.- CZK

Bank Account: 579223309/0800
46 €

Bank account:

Name: Silva Nortica Run

Account – Nummer: 26096

bank code number: 32936


IBAN: AT573293600000026096

The entry fee will not be refunded in case of non-attendance or changes to the registration and will be regarded as a donation for the event.


Map preview and elevation profiles of the third year on
Ultra 103 MAP103 km
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