'ˆ' Myths from Novohradské hory

Bohuslav Balbín – Freakishnesses form the history of Ki

Plinius said: „In Forrest of Hercyn is immeasurable quantity of the same aged oak trees, untouched by age. It’s world, which with his almost immortal fate exceeds miracles. Although we pass away evertything, that we reeject to belive in, it is known fact, that there raises knolls of interlocked roots, clashing to themselves. Where the roots raised so high, that they can’t touch the ground, there makes arcs, touching the branches and makes gates, that could be passed by horse riders.“ So says Plinius, if he is right. But something is sure, and I can confirm it, as a eyewitness: if we compare other czech woods with Forrest of Hercyn, it is like comparation of gardens with woods, children with men…
Were the Šumava ends, can we find in the beginning of Pasov forrest, just over the Zlatá stezka, deep forrest called by ancestors Luna (Novohradské hory, Českomoravská vrchovina). It strech away from Prachatice through austrian and Moravan frontier. It exceeds Šumava by length, but Šumava is bigger with higher and rare trees. But we can also this woody mountains call as a offset and rest of the famous Forrest of Hercyn.

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