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Why we invite you to run to the Novohradské hory, or to the Hercynský les? Because we would like to let you feel by your own feet, eyes and soul these places. Places, which were feared by such brave warriors as Romans were.

„In northern region, the Herycn forrest with bulky oak-trees, that rips and falls and only sometimes opens way thru proof forrest, is the punch of Job.“
These are word of Gaius Iulius Caesar, that he wrote about this region in approximately 50 B.C.

But don’t be afraid, today landscape looks different, although thanks to the Iron courtain remained here almost virgin nature.

No matter which track will you choose – half marathon, marathon, ultramarathon – every time it wil be adventrue foryour feet, lungs, heart, eyes and soul.
No matter if the sun will shine, or the fog will cover the track, we can allways promise you, that you will enjoy the run and make this place favour and will be glad to come here again. Not only to challenge yourself, your friends and competitors, but also for trips and vacations. This region will become your home.

Silva Nortica Run is run, that is held by people both on Czech and Austrian side of Novohradské hory. We intentionally don’t say border, because borders are usually created by statesmen. But people, same as nature, don’t mind different languages. Same as raindrop don’t mind, whether this piece of land is farmed by Czech or Austrian.

Silva Nortica Run is project, that would never come to life without support of EU and especially without support of over border center Impulsní centrum Sdružení Růže .
Silva Nortica Run is first run of Over border run cup, this means, that it is cup of runs, that have one common thing – their track leads thru regions where lives Czechs and beside them lives Germans or Austrians

This ear cup should contain Silva Nortica Run, Stožecká Zlatá stezka – run for 15 km from České Žleby thru Haidmühle to Stožec, halfmarathon Domažlice Furth and marathon between Cheb and Markevitz – more on

The aim of Silva Nortica Run is not only to show you beautiful places for run, nordic walking, hiking or biking, but also to show you, that run could be the bridge between people.

We invite you to the country, that we all are looking for deeply in our hearts and from time to time we are successful.

We invite you between the friends, to the country, that offers open arms and shows open hand.

Do not miss the chance to accept offered hand and make sure, that all written here is not just a fairy-tale for children.

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